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Paani kam,
fasal mai dum 

Image by Teo Sticea

In Thailand, we are working with the local farmers to improve water utilization of the crops especially Sugarcane. Sugarcane in Thailand has been long suffering from germination issues due to the low availability of water. With our product, the germination rate has dramatically improved even with the low quantities of water. Fertigation is also one of the major issues mainly because it leaches deep into the soil without being properly utilised. Our products have dramatically improved the fertilizer retention rate and its utilization rate by the crop. 


Our Janmabhumi, the place where all of our work was conceptualised and where it first began to take root, India has been the inspiration of our idea. The way Indians utilize one waste material for a different purpose altogether is the approach we love and embody. In India, we have collaborated with farmers on crops like- wheat, groundnut, onions, cauliflower and other vegetables to produce results that completely wipe off the need of one complete irrigation cycle- while simultaneously increasing yields. The soil quality has improved as attested by the farmers themselves and the overall well being of the flora and fauna of the soil has been enriched. 

Our Karmabhumi- Japan has been the place where we have been nurtured, guided and developed into who we are today. Japan’s incredible focus on sustainability has inspired us to build projects that put circular economic development at the core of what we do. In Onna village, for example, we have been combating the red soil erosion issue by utilizing the local waste to develop liquid fertilizer and further incorporating it into the local fields. 





how to use fasal amrit.png


You can either mix it in the soil.


Or it Can be mixed with fertilizer of your choice.


You can mix it with seeds  and propagate it in your field using your hands or a seed drill.


At EF Polymer Private Limited, we’re dedicated to offering high-quality products and exceptional customer service. We value every one of our consumers, and it’s our privilege to share some of their feedback with you. Get in contact with us right away if you have any questions or would want to learn more about how we potentially collaborate.

Results of Fasal Amrit Hydrogel in Paddy (Rice) Crop_edited.jpg

A Paddy Farmer in Okinawa, Japan showcasing the benefit of Fasal Amrit on his Paddy crop.

Okinawa, Japan


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